Kitchen Inspired By A Secretaire Desk

Valcucine's new Genius Loci kitchen system enables a seamless user experience in the kitchen thanks to thoughtful, lovingly crafted details.

23 Aug 2016

The innovation of forms and materials lies at the heart of every Valcucine kitchen, made to transform time in the kitchen into a memorable and enjoyable experience.

A case in point, the new Genius Loci designed by Gabriele Centazzo for Valcucine features innovative drawers that can be personalised with a range of compartments and artisanal finishes, inspired by antique secretaire desks. The Italian-crafted finishes include tactile carved or inlaid wood, precious mosaics made of stone or metals that reflect the colours of the rainbow, thanks to a unique oxidisation treatment.

Valcucine Genius Loci

The drawer is offered in two variations – one features a distinctively angled and slightly outward bottom that serves as a handle, while the other is minimally flushed with kitchen doors.


The new worktop design ensures that the user can increase the volume of base units and storage capacity as desired. Interior accessories are modular and functional, so users can personalise storage spaces to adapt to their daily needs, keeping everything within reach and clutter-free.


Genius Loci can also be paired with Valcucine’s Air Logica System – a back panel designed to maximise the usage of a kitchen space. The Air Logica System features deep base units where small kitchen appliances and accessories can be concealed.


The new Valcucine V-Motion kit – a motor-driven opening and closing mechanism – can be incorporated into the Genius Loci, elevating its appeal and functionality. With the mechanism, users can open and close deep drawers and back panel doors with a simple touch – ideal for moments when the hands are full.


Roberto Design